Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bulls Eye Eggs

My kids like this kind of breakfast. It's easy, too, if you have eggs and bread and a cookie cutter.

First, get the slice of bread. Butter one side. Choose a cookie cutter (if you want a shape) or a smallish glass, and push it into the center of the slice. Take the cut-out and put it aside.

Then put a pan on the stove and heat it up. Once it's hot, add the bread slices.

Then crack an egg into each little cavity. This looks easier than it is. Maybe I am more inept than you, but I do find this the only really tricky part. You don't want it sloshing out over the edges, or you'll lose the shape. If my pan is looking a little dry I sometimes add a little coconut oil (doesn't have a taste).

Flip the egg carefully if you like a soft yolk. Look at that heart! Crisp! Clean! Heart-like!

Encourage accolades and tell them you bought the bread that way.